However, this is based solely on the fact that United got Sanchez on a straight swap with no additional transfer fee. This was an amazing piece of business. Dylan Kok’s answer to What are your thoughts about Manchester United signing Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal in the 2017/18 season?

However, Arsenal stands to benefit greatly as well.

Arsenal Benefits : Squad improvements United might have gotten the superior player, however Mkhitaryan might actually improve the fortunes of Arsenal significantly as well.

Mkhitaryan’s arrival got Arsenal an immediate replacement and might spark the arrival of Aubameyang which will exponentially increase their offensive threat. Mkhitaryan will also benefit from a more expansive Arsenal side and be freed from the extra defensive requirements of a Mourinho squad.

Locker Room boost. Now that the Sanchez saga is settled, the Arsenal locker room can start regrouping once again. Arsenal can use the new arrival of Mkhitaryan and possibly Aubameyang to convince Ozil to extend his contract. It will help the current crop of Arsenal players to know that their fellow teammates are actually committed to the badge and not plotting their departure due to the bleak future.

United & Arsenal got a great transfer but United could have been pressured to shell out an extra few million quid to balance the deal. I ain’t complaining though.

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